Announce your Public key in Ardor Wallet!

When sending ARDR, child chain tokens such as IGNIS or any other token to a new account using the new account's address the resulting account is protected only by 64 bit account id, which is somewhat not as secured as the 256 public key which provides ultimate protection.

The risk is that someone can brute force a passphrase that maps into the same account id so that both accounts are indistinguishable so that the attacker can spend the funds in this address.

More specifically, the reason why this one-time extra step is necessary is because the 8-byte account ID is much shorter than the 32-byte public key it is derived from. There are many secret passphrase/public key pairs that reduce to the same account ID (2^192 keys). But once a particular public key is associated with an account ID by storing it in the blockchain, no other secret passphrase that generates a different public key can access that account.

To protect against this a simple step has to be taken to record the account public key in the blockchain. Recording the public key in the blockchain protects against the attack described above.

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Last 15 announced Public key

# Wallet Date
1 ARDOR-4R7J-4GYJ-UYGL-B6FMV 24.04.2024
2 ARDOR-69YV-B8RE-QPBR-67993 14.04.2024
3 ARDOR-S7MA-ZJA5-L2V5-HM3QN 25.03.2024
4 ARDOR-VNNH-YAAZ-36H3-59PFV 25.03.2024
5 ARDOR-5ZXJ-F2BD-ALLB-GP433 25.03.2024
6 ARDOR-JRWW-E758-XFMJ-4DSUD 25.03.2024
7 ARDOR-A2UV-CUQB-PZKE-86N5K 25.03.2024
8 ARDOR-CQPQ-SPC4-3MMU-AS747 25.03.2024
9 ARDOR-VQ7M-NQMG-W3SP-84ZDV 01.03.2024
10 ARDOR-N9E2-LQAZ-MY3A-9DHY2 06.01.2024
11 ARDOR-FYB3-8FM2-QDFW-6UN6N 16.12.2023
14 ARDOR-EMJ4-BT6Z-URKV-EASGS 19.10.2023
15 ARDOR-WCMV-RMKP-G4D9-D2F55 25.04.2023

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