Get MS SOUL Fan Coins!

SOUL token is a currency made on IGNIS Monetary System ( ID 3559763651209876803).

Total supply 1000000 SOUL.

This token was created just for fun, it all started with a joke tweet of darksidejosh – ‘how to sell your soul? Create SOUL token on ignis monetary system and sell it’. But then the idea of the token was expanded – now SOUL token exists to mark or spiritualize your Ardor wallet, so you don`t need to have a lot of souls, just 1 token is quite enough.

Someday the presence of SOUL token will indicate that you were the blockchain enthusiast at the very dawn of this awesome technology. The most of the tokens were airdroped for free, now we have soul keepers with large amounts, so you may ask them via Ignis message system to send you some souls. Or use this faucet.

Hope you will like this idea and you will share it to your friends.

Account ID ARDOR-*

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Last 15 receivers of SOULs

# Recipient Date
2 ARDOR-WCMV-RMKP-G4D9-D2F55 25.04.2023
3 ARDOR-MT8M-S85U-FBVZ-3TP4G 16.04.2023
4 ARDOR-T83V-5AL7-DZSB-6X6JA 22.11.2021
5 ARDOR-BHZD-WC8G-396L-5UAUV 07.08.2021
6 ARDOR-37G3-JY6G-S3G9-ECUSN 28.07.2021
7 ARDOR-EZQD-24QR-4X6Q-95WVA 14.07.2021
8 ARDOR-BH4W-4S8R-GRX7-6RTKP 10.06.2021
9 ARDOR-25GS-E9L4-8EEH-57P3E 14.05.2021
10 ARDOR-7NPH-P8H4-XQ22-DPS53 12.05.2021
11 ARDOR-2HF6-J26T-JX67-4RX32 05.05.2021
12 509466 30.04.2021
13 ARDOR-2U9T-BNPU-TY56-DRAM3 30.04.2021
14 ARDOR-H5RP-3SX5-J8VV-73QNM 12.04.2021
15 ARDOR-VKJX-XTM3-MDKN-HHEH9 07.04.2021