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Name Old Account for Roberto Capodieci
Description I have left this account as I accidentally exposed my secret key during a Skype conference :( My new account is NXT-W3WB-C4UU-EBK7-8VYQ6 so please send there that 5 million NXT you intended to send here! :) Contact me at roberto@capodieci.com at any time.
Public Key 52142ee0bcf96c5ae48d8871a4c45a20c6a4aa7cb2b6ed6b3d0d13143b0e672d
Account ID: NXT-9ZX2-YW4S-2YY5-ERV8E
Numeric Account ID 14275135346714083232
Balance NXT 0.0 NXT
Balance BTC ~ 0.00000000 BTC
Balance USD ~ 0.0 USD


Name Amount Amount NXT Amount BTC Amount USD


Total NXT ~ 0.0 NXT
Total BTC ~ 0.00000000 BTC
Total USD ~ 0.0 USD