Open crowdfunding for Ardor.World

I open crowdfunding for the implementation of certain tasks. So the funding for the project is limited, and the community wants the project to develop. I suggest you take part in the development of the project, donate GPS, ARDR, IGNIS to Ardor.World. Wallet address of the project ARDOR-P5GE-WNF8-M5CP-8GENB. The ultimate goal is to collect an amount equivalent to 50,000 ARDOR

Crowdfunding is closed. Funds have been collected.

Objectives which are to be solved:

  1. Asset Exchange Report for GPS and others child chains (analogue
  2. Monetary System Report for Ignis and others child chain (analogue
  3. Specific Blochchain Explorer DGS, Data, Alias and child chains
  4. Web-push Notifications about transactions NXT, ARDOR
  5. Personal account with 3 types of CSV exports transaction
  6. Adding GPS to the telegram bot (notification, balance)
  7. Ardor / Nxt Ecosystem resources(links board)
  8. Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes