News digest 10.10.18

📌 A new Ardor mainnet version v2.1.2 is released. New features: Changelly exchange support directly enabled into the Ardor wallet via a plugin, Transaction Vouchers, Bundler templates.

📌 A new Nxt version 1.11.15 was released.

📌 CryptoDemetrius released Ardor Updates 09/2018 video.

📌 The Ardor Bootcamp is still free on

📌 Still unsolved Nxter Puzzle (October I) now has 2000 IGNIS in the prize account!

📌 Mrv777 has updated his and ANG's website with a comparison of common blockchain platforms.

📌 Dominium lowered their ITO hard cap, they have a new sponsorship with a fitness app (WalkyFit) and they hired a new Head of Development.

📌 Triffic released the newly updated white paper and website.

📌 EZYcount announced that their team was accepted into the Geneva Fintech Fusion Accelerator and that they will pitch at a forum in the Swiss state of Vaud.

📌 Huobi announced ARDR Trading Campaign - their top 30 ARDR traders will get 200K+ free ARDR awarded!

📌 ARDR can now be traded on the Hong Kong based Exchange.

📌 A Google Play update for the Ardor Lite app was released.

📌 The Rya team (formerly known as Ryō) has announced a snapshot date - they expect the snapshot of the Nxt blockchain to occur on November 17th of this year, with airdrop of 0.4 RYA for each Nxt token for Nxt holders.

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