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Nxt Get Balance


Name 1000IOTAs asset issuer.
Description To redeem your IOTA coins just transfer your 1000IOTAs assets to this issuing account (NXT-TQM8-APW7-4HMK-8N97Q) with your IOTA address in the embedded message (just tick the box "Add a Message?").
Public Key 2ebca64060877fa91ea42df555b95a5b36cefcc30c1a12bd872ba97024b74c15
Account ID: NXT-TQM8-APW7-4HMK-8N97Q
Numeric Account ID 7716060640801774182
Balance NXT 182.22902 NXT
Balance BTC ~ 0.00002240 BTC
Balance USD ~ 0.66 USD


Name Amount Amount NXT Amount BTC Amount USD
1000IOTAs 999989.0 ~0.0 ~0.00000000 ~0.0


Total NXT ~ 182.22902 NXT
Total BTC ~ 0.00002240 BTC
Total USD ~ 0.66 USD