Nxt Get Balance


Name Project Sentinel
Description Project Sentinel is a not-for-profit project run by colin012 aimed at helping to secure the NXT Network by providing Sentinelcoins (SentinelC) to people who: A) Run nodes with resilience to DoS attacks. B) Write papers on how to help secure the NXT network or personal funds. C) Come up with new ideas on how to improve NXT network/personal security. D) Develop new NXT network/personal security projects. E) Can hack accounts, explain how they did it, and prove their success in some way. This is under the condition that they do not steal anything from the account they hack. F) Find previously unknown security flaws in NXT. G) Find other ways to help secure people's personal funds or the NXT network. The value of Sentinelcoin will be decided by the community. It will be distributed freely to those help improve NXT network/personal security in the ways listed above. Some may be sold in order to maintain this project (e.g. paying for transaction fees).
Public Key 3325f9b7c9e7796bee38aa7230c532eda3ce2276c63784cafacf0ff11a354811
Numeric Account ID 6588222582139125358
Balance NXT 42.0 NXT
Balance BTC ~ 0.00000882 BTC
Balance USD ~ 0.21 USD


Name Amount Amount NXT Amount BTC Amount USD
SentinelC 20999384.5 ~0.0 ~0.00000000 ~0.0
ARDR 42.0 ~0.0 ~0.00000000 ~0.0


Total NXT ~ 42.0 NXT
Total BTC ~ 0.00000882 BTC
Total USD ~ 0.21 USD