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Asset Details for: KAZALIGOR

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Asset ID: 6841266457153155543
Issuer ID: 13100939728333149660
Issuer Transaction: 6841266457153155543
Shareholder Analysis: Shareholder of KAZALIGOR
Quantity: 1
Decimals: 0
# of Trades: 1
Trading Volume (24h): 0 NXT
Trading Volume (30d): 100 NXT
Last Trade Price: 100.0 NXT
Bid Price: 0 NXT
Ask Price: 0 NXT
Open Bid Orders: 0
Open Ask Orders: 0
Last Trade Date: 17.11.2021 07:13:29
For my creation

Sell KAZALIGOR for NXT - Open Buy Orders (0 Bids)

Account Quantity Price in NXT Total in NXT
Total: Bids 0 0

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Account Quantity Price in NXT Total in NXT
Total: Asks 0 0

Trade History for KAZALIGOR (1 Trades)

Date Quantity Price in NXT Total in NXT Ask Order ID Bid Order ID
17.11.2021 07:13:29 1.0 100.0 100.0 2339763629362997553 487151377462389085
Total: Trades 1.0 100.0
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