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Asset Details for: mythical6

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Asset Name: mythical6
Asset ID: 7891814295348826088
Issuer ID: 17043296434910227497
Issuer Transaction: 7891814295348826088
Shareholder Analysis: Shareholder of mythical6
Quantity: 100000.00000000
Decimals: 0
# of Trades: 1
Trading Volume (24h): 0 IGNIS
Trading Volume (30d): 0 IGNIS
Last Trade Price: 35.0 IGNIS
Bid Price: 0 IGNIS
Ask Price: 15.0 IGNIS
Open Bid Orders: 0
Open Ask Orders: 3
Last Trade Date: 26.04.2020 12:35:39
{"fullhash": "c6de37032885b5875fb2d2b096b24d72608eeb9b267f226c77477b913b1969d9", "name": "Yeti", "channel": "Asia", "culture": "Lepcha", "description": "Ape-like being, taller than an average human, that inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. He carries a large stone as a weapon and makes a whistling swoosh sound.", "type": "Terrestrial", "rarity": "common"}

Buy mythical6 with IGNIS - Open Sell Orders (3 Asks)

Account Quantity Price in IGNIS Total in IGNIS
ARDOR-24CM-EQMW-BKXE-22QR2 7 15.00000000 105.00000000
ARDOR-VN7C-NN42-T7N4-BE66E 9 70.00000000 630.00000000
ARDOR-QNPT-V9EX-CYND-FJEC9 1 150.00000000 150.00000000
Total: 3 Asks 17.0 885.0

Sell mythical6 for IGNIS - Open Buy Orders (0 Bids)

Account Quantity Price in IGNIS Total in IGNIS
Total: 0 Bids 0 0

Trade History for mythical6 (1 Trades)

Date Quantity Price in IGNIS Total in IGNIS Ask Order ID Bid Order ID
26.04.2020 12:35:39 1 35.00000000 35.00000000 40edf3aac6ad020d… 0e70775897299259…
Total: 1 Trades 1.0 35.0
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