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Asset Details for: mythical23

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Asset Name: mythical23
Asset ID: 6864800023593094679
Issuer ID: 17043296434910227497
Issuer Transaction: 6864800023593094679
Shareholder Analysis: Shareholder of mythical23
Quantity: 50000.00000000
Decimals: 0
# of Trades: 0
Trading Volume (24h): 0 BITS
Trading Volume (30d): 0 BITS
Last Trade Price: BITS
Bid Price: 0 BITS
Ask Price: 0 BITS
Open Bid Orders: 0
Open Ask Orders: 0
Last Trade Date:
{"fullhash": "bd0bc4632ee0e9010178e96d0b3990d84b4d38d99ac31207fdb53c2a48ce998f", "name": "Trempulcahue", "channel": "America", "culture": "Mapuche", "description": "There are four old women who turn into whales every night to carry the souls of the dead. No alive can see them, and the souls have to pay their toll in precious stones.", "type": "Aquatic", "rarity": "rare"}

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