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Asset Details for: mythical44

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Asset Name: mythical44
Asset ID: 16412049206728355506
Issuer ID: 17043296434910227497
Issuer Transaction: 16412049206728355506
Shareholder Analysis: Shareholder of mythical44
Quantity: 100000.00000000
Decimals: 0
# of Trades: 0
Trading Volume (24h): 0 BITS
Trading Volume (30d): 0 BITS
Last Trade Price: BITS
Bid Price: 0 BITS
Ask Price: 0 BITS
Open Bid Orders: 0
Open Ask Orders: 0
Last Trade Date:
{"fullhash": "75673b9f35905d134377b6dacca5f36e6913f33ab6d20ff81759b053753b7c69", "name": "Wolpertinger ", "channel": "Europa", "culture": "Germany", "description": "It inhabits the alpine forests of Bavaria, with its head of a rabbit, the body of a squirrel, the antlers of a deer, and the wings and occasionally the legs of a pheasant. Very difficult to find, since it only appears on full moon nights and is a very shy and scary animal.", "type": "Terrestrial", "rarity": "common"}

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